Science Wiz Chemistry Plus Experiment Kit

You know the letters of the alphabet. Now, get ready for the Alphabet of the Universe!

This is real science for middle school students… not a toy.  It’s a great kit for after-school activities, homeschoolers, and science fairs.

Your child will learn to…

* Split water into rocket fuel.

* Pop hydrogen!

* Hunt for naked protons.

* Flame test salts.

* Grow huge crystals.

* Act out the roles of electrons & protons.

* Model 3D electron orbitals

An exciting set of carefully selected experiments designed to make the elements elementary and to explore the periodicity of the periodic table!

Recommended for ages 8 – 15, but it’s probably best for ages 10 – 12 who are already interested in chemistry, and will use this as a starting point for more chemistry explorations.

Includes a 40 page science book and kit.  The explanations are simple-to-follow, and are designed to give middle school students a great overview of the many interesting aspects of chemistry and some physics.


  • Learn about The Alphabet of the Universe with Real Chemistry Experiments you can do
  • Pop hydrogen, search for naked protons and measure the pH of liquids
  • Flame test alkali metals, grow giant crystals and explore noble gases
  • Includes a full-color 48 page instruction book and materials
  • Authored by Penny Norman, PhD and edited by Ann Einstein

Sale Price:$18.17

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